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6000 people used the festival shuttle in 2019.

Festival shuttle route

FESTIVAL SHUTTLE routes can be seen on the map and one purchased ticket will allow unlimited access on any of the routes in period July 8 – July 14, 2020 (7 days). This means that if you have friends staying in another place you’ll be able to visit them for no extra cost. Also if you want to hit the beaches or check out any other attractions in and around Split, all you have to do is look at the map and hop on any bus that’s heading that way.

Answers to your questions

Why is it a good idea to get a Festival Shuttle Bus ticket?

A Shuttle Bus ticket allows you unlimited rides on any of the routes for 7 days (July 8 – July 14, 2020).

Where do I claim my pre-ordered Festival Shuttle Bus ticket?

At the CHECK-IN POINTS (Check-in point in Split city centre, Check-in point at Airport, Beachville campsite) with VOUCHER and an ID CARD or PASSPORT (copy).

Where do I buy a Festival Shuttle Bus ticket?

The Shuttle Bus ticket may be purchased in advance – see the tabs below, or at the top of the page.

You may also purchase the Shuttle Bus ticket at the CHECK-IN POINTS (Split city centre, Split Airport, Beachville campsite).


Price of festival shuttle service (ticket) for all Split city bus lines & special Beachville Direct line in period July 8 – July 14, 2020 (7 days) is 39€ per person.

I don’t understand the validity concept for the Festival Shuttle ticket!

The Shuttle Bus Ticket is valid for unlimited rides on the shuttle buses (regular city bus lines “Promet Split” and special Beachville Direct line) for the purchased time period.

Is taxi a good alternative to the Shuttle Bus?

Of course, in terms of getting to the destination without stops. Although, taking a taxi, it can get quite expensive, be sure to negotiate about the price in advance.

How do I get from Beachville to Park mladezi (the festival venue)?

Our festival shuttle takes you directly from the campsite to the Sukoisan bus stop near the festival venue – Park mladezi.

Choose between the Beachville Direct and the regular Shuttle Bus line!

The Beachville Direct Line uses more comfortable, air-conditioned touristic buses, where all passengers have their seat guaranteed, no standing places. It will guarantee frequent departures (at least every 20 minutes in peak times) & direct transfer from Beachville to the bus station near Ultra Europe venue.

The regular shuttle bus line follows it’s route along the main road between Beachville & Split centre, stopping on the way to collect other passengers.

What is the difference between the Beachville Direct & the Shuttle Bus line?

The Beachville Direct line enabling the Beachville Campsite guests a faster and more comfortable transfer to Split centre. It offers air-conditioned tour buses, guaranteed seats for all passengers, no standing places & more frequent departures (at least every 20 minutes in peak times). This is a direct transfer from Beachville to the bus station near festival venue – Park mladezi.

The Festival Shuttle Buses follow the regular bus routes along the main road and stop on the way from/to Split at regular bus stops. They collect passengers along the way, therefore the travel time is a bit longer.

Where is the Festival Shuttle Bus stop located?

Zone Trogir-Seget, Kastel, Solin, Podstrana 1&2: look for a bus stop sign on the main road. (If necessary ask at the reception or the apartment owner)

Beachville: Right outside the main entrance to the Campsite

Split 1: Sukoisanska bus station; the central station for all shuttle buses from & to all directions, final stop for Ultra Europe venue – Park mladezi.

How frequent are the buses?

There will be an increased number of departures in the festival peak hours (4:00PM-11:00PM) and fewer in non-peak hours (9:00AM-4:00PM). The shuttle bus lines go along the main roads and all our accommodation options are covered with shuttle bus connections. In case of additional question, ask our staff at check-in and information points, as well as the receptionists or apartment owner.


* bus line 37 (Trogir-Split) – every 20 minutes from 4:00AM to 12:00AM (midnight)
* bus line 60 (Omiš-Split) – every 25 minutes from 5:00AM to 12:00AM (midnight)
* ULTRA BEACHVILLE CAMPSITE bus line – every 15 minutes at festival peak times (4:00PM to 11:00PM) and every full hour on festival non-peak times (12:00AM / midnight to 4:00PM)

What travel time should I take into account?

Please allow enough time for the shuttle bus waiting time & transfer to reach the point of destination (UE venue, accommodation, boat party, airport).

For the boat party: be sure to leave at least 2 hours before the scheduled boat party departure when travelling from Beachville or Trogir-Seget region.

Take enough time into account when planning the return trip – calculate the time necessary for the Shuttle Bus transfer, the Airport transfer and the check-in time.

All lines run approximately 50 minutes in duration from end to end. Minor alterations can be expected concerning high season traffic.

Where can a Shuttle Bus ticket be used on?

  • All city SHUTTLE BUSES in the town of SPLIT and surroundings (ALL ZONES)
  • FESTVAL SHUTTLE Ultra Campsite Beachville in Omis – DIRECT BEACHVILLE LINE

How do I choose the right Shuttle Bus line?

We recommend that you keep an eye out for major lines, which a majority of Ultra visitors will use:

  • bus line 37 (Trogir-Split) – for guests staying in zone Kasteli, Solin (north from Split),
  • bus line 60 (Omiš-Split) – for guests staying in zones Stobrec, Podstrana, Omis (south from Split),
  • Direct Beachville line – for guests staying in official Ultra Europe’s campsite Beachville in Omis.

Destination to visit the Ultra Europe venue – Park mladezi: Sukoisanska bus station (a short 10 minute walk from here to the venue)

Can a Shuttle Bus Ticket be replaced?

Lost festival shuttle passes cannot be refunded or replaced. Festival shuttle tickets can be purchased on the spot, at our info & check-in points.

Festival shuttle

Since Ultra Europe is a major event, it’s not at all uncommon to think that it’s going to be quite a task to accommodate all our guests. To be more precise, only a small portion of people will be within walking distance of the main venue (Park mladezi). Therefore we have arranged a special limited festival bus service for all of you visiting Split this summer.

Shuttle buses will be on hand to take you to and from the centre of Split.