Apartment Rudolf 3* (Zone Kasteli) + Ticket
For 2-3 People
For 2-3 People
Ticket included
Category: 3*** 
Location: Zone Kasteli
Space: 2-3 bedded apartments

Close to the beach
Bars, restaurants & markets near by
Shuttle bus stop on the main road

If you prefer to stay in an apartment instead of the camping, hotels and hostels, then this is the best choice possible. Our Ultra Europe apartments are all based in the area of Split called Kastel (15km long tourist area next to the seaside).

Being based in the Kasteli region means you are extremely close to the airport, with regular shuttle bus transfers to and from the festival. The entire area northwest of Split is situated along such a beautiful bay, revealing the second most important reason for your visit to the area: a calm swim in the Adriatic sea after the music stops at Ultra.

  • Private bathroom
  • Kitchenette
  • Air condition and WI-FI (optional)
  • Balcony (optional)
  • Parking spot 
2-3 Person Apartment / Studio
  • Doble bed or sofa bed for two and one single bed in living room 
  • 3 tickets included
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Price per person for 5 Nights
Price for 5 Nights
2 Person Apartment / studio
  • Double bed or sofa bed for two in living room
  • 2 tickets included
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Price per person for 5 Nights
Price for 5 Nights