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09.07.2020. – 18.07.2020.


09.07.2020. – 18.07.2020.

Week 1

04.07.2020. – 11.07.2020.

Week 2

11.07.2020. – 18.07.2020.

Answers to your questions

What is the concept of Yacht 2 Festival?

faq_sampleThe main advantage of the Ultra Europe Festival, besides the line-up, is it’s location – so make sure to combine the visit to the best summer festival with exploring the most beautiful summer destination.

We offer you the ultimate experience – PARTYING and SAILING among the famous Croatian islands. There is no better way to combine active holidays and the best party programme. Get ready for 7 days of pure holiday feeling and choose between two options – renting an entire yacht with a skipper or just select a cabin.

You don't have to be a skipper to book the trip of your life!

faq_sampleWhen we mention words like HOLIDAY & PARTY – we mean it! You don’t have to have any additional sailing courses or permits, we provide a skipper who is responsible for a safe trip and takes care of the boat. Be prepared to learn the basics of sailing though as well as the rules of on-board behaviour. In case you wish to learn more, the skipper will be glad to teach you to sail.

Where do I eat, sleep, shower?

faq_sampleOur sailing boats have 3, 4, or 5 cabins for 2 persons each. This means 2 persons share one cabin. In the event an uneven number of persons apply for the sailing trip, one person may have single-use of a cabin or even sleep outdoors. The skipper sleeps in the saloon that’s the living room on a sailing boat. The yacht provides a kitchen (food has to be provided by the guests) as well as the toilet and shower. Each time you moor alongside there is the opportunity of using the facilities ashore, in the marina.

Do I have to rent the entire yacht?

faq_sampleIn case you are travelling as a group, the best possible thing is to rent an entire yacht and have the time of your lives. In case you are travelling solo or if there is only 2 or 3 of you coming to Ultra, you may join other sailing-Ultranauts and book just a cabin or two.

What are my responsibilities?

faq_sampleEach passenger is responsible for him/her-self and has to follow the skippers’ instructions who will take care to avoid any dangerous situations. The skipper is not responsible for the guests while they are on land. Each passenger has to know how to swim. Besides this, your only responsibility is to party hard and enjoy the festival.

What is the route and party programme?

faq_sampleThe route is determined in advance, and it will not change (except in case of force majeure). This applies to cabin bookings. If you booked the entire yacht, you may make arrangements with skipper and change the route. We don’t recommend this though, since the established route covers all the best spots and allows all festival experiences.

Yacht 2 festival route

Combine the visit to Ultra Europe, the best summer festival with exploring the most beautiful summer destination – Croatia. Start your visit with a sail among the islands, stop in hidden bays for a refreshing swim in crystal-clear Adriatic sea and discover the historic & natural sights. Meet new like-minded people from all over the world and have fun onboard. At the end of the trip: take part as one of the 150.000 visitors of Ultra Europe festival in Split. In any case – this is a trip to remember!

1. Saturday 04.07.2020: Embarking – let the adventure begin

Arrive to Split under your own arrangements and embark on the yacht. Meet with skipper in the marinas ACI Split, Marina Kastela and Marina Spinut. You will be able to do all necessary shopping and prepare for the sail. We will use the time for the first easy get-together.

2. Sunday 05.07.2020: Sailing to Bol, island of Brac

During the laid-back sail among the islands of the Adriatic sea we will stop for a refreshing swim and meet other sailing participants from all over the world. The island of Brac is the desired destination for many visitors for it’s incredible and most famous beach in Croatia – Zlatni Rat. Enjoy the careless vibe of the popular summer destination, visit the beach & lounge bar (585 Club), order a cocktail and let the sun set into the sea in front of you. We plan a visit to Bol town in the evening to experience hot summer nights at Brac.

3. Monday 06.07.2020: Party sailing to Hvar & Pakleni islands

It is getting serious now! Well, not quite. Still the program is filled with socializing, swimming, sunbathing and mostly – having fun while we sail among the small idyllic islands, scattered in the sea like diamonds. Let us find the perfect bay to take a swim! Our destination of the day is Hvar, one of the most beautiful and famous islands in Croatia. You’ll see why! We will visit the renowned party locations – the beach club Hula-hula and the night-club Carpe Diem.

4. Tuesday 07.07.2020: Open sea sailing to Vis

Get to know the international sailboat members – soon to be your friends for life. We will sail the route from Hvar to the island of Vis. On the way we will stop for a swim in Stoncica bay. Vis is one of the most untouched islands in Croatia, offering unspoilt nature, old towns with typical architecture and nice restaurants serving delicious food. The highlight of the evening is the visit to the nightclub in the old Fort George, the most scenic venue in Croatia.

5. Wednesday 08.07.2020: Sailing around Vis; Komiza, blue & green cave

The recipe for the time of your life: beautiful weather, summer sun, warm and crystal clear sea waters, young & like-minded people, good music and breath-taking scenery. The latter is provided by the island of Vis and the romantic fishing village of Komiza. Try the delicious seafood and take a swim in one of the caves the green and the blue cave – enlisted as natural phenomena of the region. Dinner in Komiza & party at beach club Aquarius.

6. Thursday 09.07.2020: Sailing to Solta

Fancy a bit of sunbathing on the deck? A sailing lesson perhaps? Or simply doing nothing and resting all day long… All those “activities” will be accompanied by the gorgeous sights of crystal clear waters, hidden bays and beautiful islands on our way to Solta island. Food and drinks are of high importance in Croatia – as you will have found out by then. So no worries, an excellent dinner of all sailing participants will be a huge success.

7. Friday 10.07.2020: Split, Ultra Europe Festival

High time to head back to Split! After all, you don’t want to miss the Festival, right? Make sure to rest in the morning, during our sail to Split, in order to feel perfect in the evening, for the first day of Ultra Europe festival. Perhaps you will grab a chance for a little bit of sightseeing in this historic city. Or simply keep your eyes, ears and hearts open to take in the fantastic atmosphere that rules the city. All guests will claim their tickets at the ticket booth at the festival venue. The yachts will be moored in Split port so you can enjoy the festival day to the fullest.

8. Saturday 11.07.2020: Split, checkout and good-bye

Before the checkout, we will join forces and clean the yacht in order to return it to the charterer. Then you have to say a proper goodbye to the skipper and your sailing crew, your new friends for life. In case you wish to attend the Ultra Europe Festival for all 3 days we can assist you in finding the accommodation for the rest of your planned stay.

Get wild during Ultra Europe Festival in Split and make sure the party goes on and on and on… Following the festival days, a perfect sailing trip awaits you: travelling to the most beautiful spots in Croatia, visit to the picturesque villages, swimming in the Adriatic sea and partying with other international Ultranauts. This is a perfect opportunity for relaxing, sunbathing, exploring the sights and socializing. No hotel accommodation can top this experience!

1. Saturday 11.7.2020: embarking and Ultra Europe festival.

Meet with skipper in the marinas ACI Split, Marina Kastela and Marina Spinut and embark on the yacht. You will be able to do all necessary shopping and prepare for the second festival night.
NOTE: You may attend the first day of Ultra Europe festival on Friday – all guests will pick up their booked tickets from the ticket booth at the festival venue. Friday is without accommodation thou; we can assist you finding a place for this day.

2. Sunday 12.7.2020: first sail in the open sea

Enjoy your first power breakfast on-board and have fun during the short sail in the open sea near Split and learn the ABCs of sailing during the short sail near Split. According to your wishes, it is possible to make stops for swimming or sunbathing in one of the bays. After a day filled with sun, sea and fun, you will return to the marina and get ready for the last night of Ultra Europe festival in Split.

3. Monday 13.7.2020: Ultra Europe Regatta: Bol @ Brac island

Sail to one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, the island of Brac with its famous beach Zlatni rat. Ultra Europe will prepare a special Ultra Regatta Party in 585 Club.

4. Tuesday 14.7.2020: Ultra Europe Beach party

Sail from the island of Brac to the island of Hvar to participate the most attractive and desirable party of Ultra Europe festival – the Ultra Beach Party. The beautiful ambiance and the scenery of one of the most beautiful posh islands of the Mediterranean will make sure you will postpone the very needed sleep for yet another day. The official Beach Party may end at evening but night is long – official After Beach party in Carpe Diem Beach club is waiting for you.

5. Wednesday 15.7.2020: Ultra Europe closing party – island VIS

Sail to the island of Vis. A full day of sailing, help the skipper and show off your new-gained skills. The Island of Vis is one of the most remote islands in Croatia and known for it’s untouched beauty as well as the crystal clear waters found throughout the Adriatic. Vis is known as a peaceful island and the members of the sailing cruises will gather here to give it a new, party reputation. The Ultra Europe closing event is going to take place in Fort George, the most scenic venue in Croatia. Enjoy the day in tranquil sailing and gain some power for the night to come – you will need it!

6. Thursday 16.7.2020: Blue Cave & Komiza

Sailing day, visit the most famous sight, the blue cave (tickets for small local boats allowed to enter the cave can be purchased at the spot). Be prepared to be astonished and be ready to jump into the inviting sea. The evening is spent in quiet rest on the boat. The other option is to also paint the island of Vis red and visit the well-known local bars.

7. Friday 17.7.2020: Sailing to Solta island

This is the day to prove your sailing skills and sail to the island of Solta. We will stop for swimming, there will be plenty of time for sunbathing and enjoying the last day on the yacht. The evening will be dedicated to socializing at dinner. Spend the last evening with your new-found friends in pleasant conversation & in remembrance of the Ultra Europe festival.

8. Saturday 18.7.2020: checkout and good-bye

Hey! Not so fast! You can’t just leave. First you have to help clean up the yacht, ready to return to the charterer. Then you have to say a proper goodbye to the skipper and your sailing crew, your new friends for life. Don’t forget to promise and make plans to come back next year!

Additional costs

Additional costs for the yacht are the fuel expenses and the port fees. The latter may vary and the skipper will also suggest other options for mooring the yacht in order to keep the cost down. You can choose between staying in a port or marina, moored to a buoy or at anchor.
Connected to the option of spending the night you might have to use the taxi boat to get from the yacht to the shore.
Different price options are listed below.

In addition to these costs you have to provide your own food and drink on-board. It is usual to prepare and eat on the yacht, which is quite affordable since you can buy groceries in local supermarkets. Of course you can also eat dinner in the restaurants – the food in Croatia is delicious!

total expenses per yacht for one week (approximately)

Water Port fees Fuel Cleaning
40-50 eur 150-200 eur 100-200 eur 100-150 eur
Port fees / yacht Port Marina Bouy Anchor
Split none 95 eur none none
Island Bol / regata none none free free
Island Hvar 90 eur none 30 eur 30 eur
Island Vis 85 eur none none 20 eur
Komiza 70 eur none 20 eur free
Port fees / yacht
Island Bol / regatta
Island Hvar
Island Vis
Port Marina
none 95 eur
none none
90 eur none
85 eur none
70 eur none
Bouy Anchor
none 95 eur
free none
30 eur none
none none
20 eur none




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